From Hall JG, Froster-Iskenius UG, Allanson JE. Handbook of Normal Physical Measurements, Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, pp 270-275. From Emory and Rimoin's Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics

Upper-to-lower segment ratio, both sexes, birth to 16 years.
(From Harriet Lane Handbook (1975), by permission.)

Upper-to-lower segment rations in Marfan syndrome. The US/LS falls with increasing age through early puberty. Points show the means for caucasian Marfan patients grouped in one-year intervals. Bars show +1 SD. The solid red curve is the mean and the dashed red curve 2SD below the mean for unaffected caucasians. (Normal curves adapted from McKusick, 1972, by Emory and Rimoin, with permission)

From Harriet Lane, 15th edition.

Data from Emory and Rimoin's and Hall's plots merged onto one set of axes for comparison purposes.

From Summers and colleagues, 2006 Medical Journal of Australia article.

From the Hội Chẩn Đoán Hình Ảnh website.